Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long Weekends: To Love or To Hate?

I've weighed again yesterday and got 145 lbs. It's frustrating that over the long weekend I've gained half a pound again even when I kept my no rice policy and did strenuous physical activities like jogging, painting and cleaning the room, and doing the laundry.

They say it's normal not to lose a great amount of weight in the first few weeks. An officemate, who is also trying to lose some pounds, told me that the result of my present sacrifices will be seen in the next months to come. However, I notice that my tummy and arms are getting smaller now.

I assume I'll feel the effect of this dieting by the end of September. October is a much-awaited month because my boyfriend and I will be going to Cebu and Bohol for an out-of-town trip with his officemates.

I think I need a new pair of bikini!

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