Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Lost 2 Kilos!

Good news! I went to the office clinic and had my weight scaled. From August 16, I lost almost 2 kilos. It's so nice to know I'm getting positive results. It's a slow process but I know I can lose more pounds if I will stick to my no rice policy, moderate eating and running.

However, I lessened my water intake just so because I'm just feeling bloated whenever I push myself to accomplish those eight glasses a day. I think it's not helping me.

I also found my Tae-Bo VCD on my shelf; it's been a while since I do this exercise. I started doing it last Saturday. I had it for 15 minutes. The next morning I experienced elbow, shoulder, hip and leg pains, which only means the exercise has been effective. I just have to keep this up. 

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