Thursday, September 9, 2010

Del Monte Fit 'n Right Water

While I was on the way to the office, I dropped by a 7-11 store to buy something for breakfast. I decided to have a pack of Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread and Fit 'n Right Water. Yes, Del Monte Fit 'n Right has it now!
What is the catch? A 380-ml bottle of Del Monte Fit 'n Right Water has 300 mg. of L-Carnitine that may help burn fat. It has 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 flavor. It's water just the way you like it.
I've never liked Pocari Sweat. It seemed too acidic for me. Gatorade is the love because it has flavors, but still, it's not water. I still get the aftertaste on my tastebuds so the thirst is not actually quenched. I think Del Monte Fit 'n Right is the perfect liquid for me during and after my running and other physical activities.

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