Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bulalo? I'll have that!

Yes, I had bulalo yesterday. My boyfriend, two of his officemates and I went to Tagaytay for some kind of an escape from Manila. They wanted bulalo so we tripped all the way to a resort in Talisay, Batangas where we could have one. We ordered a big plate of rice, too.

Guess what? I stood proud with my no rice policy. Yobs was insisting me to have rice, even for a couple of its spoonful; but never did I tried to taste even a grain. He even acted upon putting some on my plate but I resisted. I reasoned out:
"Eating no rice is better than eating less of it. For me, it's like drugs. Once I tasted it, I can't promise not to add more; worst scenario is once I eat rice now, I will be tempted to eat again in the next days to come. What I started last August 13 will be thrown out to waste; so it's better not to have any at all."
What's good with my no rice policy is that I can eat all I want, but in moderation. I can have pasta, pizza, bread, meat, sweets and chocolates, sodas, and of course, THIS BULALO!

So far, this is the best diet I've tried. I don't feel that I am depriving myself. And with all honesty, I am enjoying it.

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