Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photo Jog

I already heard of the terms like "photo shoot," "photo marathon," and "photo walk" before. Sound cool, aren't they? I wanted to use the terms but I found them inappropriate. I was only jogging, so I thought "photo jog" is the best title to use.

Jogging is really tiring and sometimes boring. In order to sucessfully finish my five-round jog, I had to think of ways to enjoy the task. First, I discovered that music is of great help. Listening to upbeat songs gives me a source of energy and inspiration to keep running.

However, I still need more reasons to go on so I thought bringing Foxy, my Canon Powershot SX 110 IS, with me as I do my laps would get me going. Taking pictures of anything that captures my eye of a photographer is fun: I get to sweat out while enjoying my Saturday morning run.

Here are my many amateur photos. I had a hard time uploading all so I just chose what I thought are worth displaying. Enjoy!
Indeed, losing weight is as easy as one-two-three if and only if you have the ways and the will to achieve your target :D

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