Friday, August 13, 2010

Crash Diet

August 21 will be Mich and Jose's wedding. I am one of the bridesmaids.

Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded in taking the more-than-one-month slimming diet schedule seriously. I haven't lessened my food intake; I haven't done regular exercise; I haven't accomplished my Herbalife program. So now, instead of blaming myself and forever regretting the things I haven't tried to fit in that wedding dress, I promise to make this one-week CRASH DIET possible. It won't make a tremendous change but at least it would make a difference.

So here goes my rules [for one week at least]...
1. NO RICE POLICY. As in, "totally no rice." That also means no pasta, pizza and any food loaded with a great amount of carbohydrates.
2. EIGHT (8) GLASSES OF WATER A DAY. Strictly no excuses! This is just like hitting two birds in one stone. Aside from water that I drink, I get the chance to stand and stretch my bones and muscles from being seated the whole day in the office. Walking is obviously a good form of exercise, too.
3. BIGUERLAI TEA. For one week, I will take this slimming tea to flush out the toxins and unnecessary fat deposits in my system. It sounds gross, I know. But there's nothing to lose if I try this one. Tiyan na sexy, mag-Biguerlai Tea.

I hope this would be effective. No one knows until August 21. So now, I will stick to my most recent weight, which is 147 lbs., and by Monday, I am going to weigh again in the office clinic's scale; then by Friday, I'll check what happens.

I will also monitor my food intake everyday. I will make a separate post each day of what I have eaten from August 14-20. So expect my next post as my "August 14" experience. Please wish me luck. Thanks!

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  1. nice i will ask you a very big favor, padalhan mo naman ako ng tea na yan thru express mail service please... please... please... i want to try it too, kahit for at least 2 weeks supply. treat mo muna sa akin please... please! if it's effective i will order more... thanks mwah! wait ko reply mo ha :) asap