Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17: Fashion Statement

I can see the changes now. My tummy becomes flatter; my back has slightly regained its curved figure. In fact, I got my love for fashion back and is now enjoying the advantages of being slimmer, if not thinner. I lost my enthusiasm to fit clothes when I was on my chubbiest state and I really hated it. I hope things would work out fine after this crash diet and if it do so, I think I would love to continue the no rice policy forever.

See these photos below. This is one of the dresses I bought from an ukay shop in Starmall Alabang, for only P100. I super love it because it reflects the real me: a classy, free-spirited and bubbly me. After waking up:
♥ 1 cup of coffee with sugar and cream

♥ 1 cup of coffee with sugar and milk
♥ piece pinagong bread
♥ 1 1/2 sticks of pork barbeque
♥ 1 piece banana
♥ 3 glass of water

♥ 3 small bites of strawberry/peanut butter sandwich
♥ 1 glass of water

♥ 1 piece breaded porkchop, medium size
♥ 1 cup of coffee with sugar and milk
♥ 2 glass of water

♥ 2 pieces of Krunch chocolate, bitesize

♥ 1 piece bibingkinitan
♥ 1/2 French Baker's pain au chocolait
♥ 1 glass of Magnolia chocolait
♥ 4 glasses of water (2 of which had Herbalife Aloe Vera Extract)

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