Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16: Avoiding Temptations

This is my first day to have a no-rice diet in the office. This would be difficult for me to explain my scheme to my officemates, particularly to Lydz who has been my constant lunchmate for almost a year now. We used to share our lunch together to save money and to save ourselves from overeating.

This would be much harder because for three days, we will have free lunch courtesy of our former officemate, Adel, who now works in El Nido, Palawan as a preschool teacher.

After Waking Up:
♥ 1 cup of coffee with cream and sugar

♥ 1 quarter of relyenong bangus
♥ 1 slice of American bread
♥ 1 cup of black coffee with sugar
♥ 2 glasses of water

♥ 1/2 banana, small
♥ 2 pieces of fried chicken, medium
♥ 1 piece choco chip cookie
♥ 1 glass of Sprite
♥ 2 glasses of water

♥ 1 piece banana, small
♥ 1 piece Whatta Tops cupcake
♥ 1 glass of water

♥ 1 slice of Gardenia black forest bread
♥ 1 glass of Bear Brand sterilized milk
♥ 3 glasses of water

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