Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mission #2: Fit in That Earth Day Run Shirt

Another mission has been added to my list. Yesterday, I registered for the NatGeo's Earth Day Run 2010 on April 18 and pre-ordered a medium-sized shirt. I was really hesitant to get a medium one because I don't think it would fit. Although I asked some blogger friends who (almost) have the same built as mine, I still have doubts that this would perfectly suit me. I really have to lose weight so that I would get into this Earth Day Run shirt nicely. I am pressured because I will be running with Yobs.

Mission #1: Fit in This Bridesmaid's Tubed Satin Dress!


  1. I'm sure that will fit just fine. Don't worry. =)

  2. The race kit has arrived and the shirt fits well. Tamang-tama lang sa akin. Thanks for wishing me well :)