Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mission #2: Fit in That Earth Day Run Shirt

Another mission has been added to my list. Yesterday, I registered for the NatGeo's Earth Day Run 2010 on April 18 and pre-ordered a medium-sized shirt. I was really hesitant to get a medium one because I don't think it would fit. Although I asked some blogger friends who (almost) have the same built as mine, I still have doubts that this would perfectly suit me. I really have to lose weight so that I would get into this Earth Day Run shirt nicely. I am pressured because I will be running with Yobs.

Mission #1: Fit in This Bridesmaid's Tubed Satin Dress!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Disappointed But Still Positive

I met with friend Mich who will have her church wedding with Jose on August 21 this year. We went to Carmen Lazaro for our gown measurements as I will be one of the secondary sponsors. I was so disappointed to know from Gary, the designer, that my waistline has gone up to 34. Yes, it's really shameful but it's the sad truth.

What makes me more problematic is that I am going to wear this <<<--- gown.

Of course, I don't want to be a target of criticisms! Although I told Gary to add some piece of cloth or something to cover my arms, I am still worrying about how I will look in that tubed satin dress.

Now I need to exert extra effort to double the pounds I should lose before the big event. I am eyeing for a 30-inch waistline and a more toned upper arm.

At least, it will make a difference.

Perspiring While Sleeping

I woke up with sweat all over my tummy and back. The culprit? My neoprene waistband which I wore while sleeping last night. I noticed some changes on my stomach, it is much lighter compared to my usual "bloated" feeling.

However, redness accumulated around my waist, perhaps due to the tightness of the wrap and the friction it caused between the rubber and the skin. I also feel some itchiness until now. I am avoiding to scratch it because I am afraid it would turn out to be ugly stretch marks.

I need help from the experts. Is the redness and itchiness normal? Will this neoprene waistband really cause stretch marks? Should I stop using it? Is it really effective to wear during sleep?