Monday, February 1, 2010

8 Glasses of Water a Day

Today is February 1 and a Monday, a perfect time to get a head start on losing weight. It is my my first diet day so I will begin with the simplest way of trying to cleanse my system: drinking water. What are the benefits of drinking water to lose weight? Eight (8) glasses of water a day will help me become slim because it acts as a natural drug, depressing the appetite. If you drink water before having a meal, your stomach becomes full and the tendency is you will eat less.

When the body is not getting enough water, it will move to defensive and protective tactics to “preserve” what he has. Maybe that is why my body is preserving all the fats I eat, I seldom drink water.

What is the mechanism of such a diet? Doctors and researchers found that people who suffer from obesity are those who lack intracellular fluid, which mainly comes from the water that drink.

So for now, I will be drinking a lot of water; early in the morning when I wake up, before and after meals, during coffee breaks, before I go to bed and anywhere I go.

This is for my bikini!

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  1. hi, here's additional info: drinking 2 glasses of water every morning 30 minutes before breakfast could help clean your stomach and feel so fresh and light the whole day... proven!